5 Tips for Scrapbooking Without Photos

Have you ever missed a shot, had your batteries die at the most inopportune time? If any of these have ever happened you know how it feels to miss a picture, but just because you missed the picture doesn’t mean you have to miss marking the moment scrap-booking. You can fill scrapbook pages creatively and artistically.

5 tips on how to produce scrapbook page layouts without photos:

  1. Put time into journaling. When you are trying to produce a page, especially when you have no pictures, your words will mean more than ever. Take this opportunity to really explain all the emotions around the particular event. Explain he sights, the smells, the atmosphere of where you were and how you along with others experienced it. You can even share why the event was important enough to you to mark it with a page.
  2. Don’t forget to use memorabilia. Photos are not necessary to tell a story try using ticket stubs, newspaper clippings, maps, post cards whatever you can to help tell the story as you seen and experienced it.
  3. Use quotes or important facts that pertain to the experience you are trying to share. It should be easy to find quotes about any particular subject and important facts with a little time spent on the Internet.
  4. Create a DVD/CD pocket. Many events such as concerts, plays, and recitals have an opportunity for you to purchase a copy of the event. If you can buy one and insert it on one of your scrapbook pages as an added feature.
  5. Embellish, Embellish, Embellish. Look for paper, stickers, letters, and small trinkets that help to bring the memory to life.

If you take time to incorporate all of the above tips you can build a scrapbook that is low or without pictures all together and still have a memory keepsake to revisit for years to come.