Romney Snubbing Sarah Palin Would Be Political Stupidity

It's Time for Mitt Romney to Invite Sarah Palin to Speak at GOP Convention Is the apparent dissing of former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin by the Romney campaign evidence of a wider problem in the candidate’s organization as the Daily Beast suggests?

Perhaps Romney has just not gotten around to inviting her to speak at the convention? Whatever the problem, the candidate should pick up the phone and call the most powerful female politician on the planet soon or risk alienating and dispiriting her supporters, particularly the tea party. Considering that most polls, such as Rasmussen, have Romney pretty much tied with President Obama, he can ill afford to snub anyone who might be an ally.

It is clear that some people on Romney’s staff — the two remain cordial — believe in the black legend of Sarah Palin, that she somehow cost John McCain the election and thus the more distance the current candidate can create between them the better. This could be an election-losing mistake if not corrected soon.

To reiterate, the selection of Palin as his running mate gave John McCain the one shot of enthusiasm that he enjoyed in his quest for the presidency. McCain, with the help of an incompetent staff, lost the election all by himself. Ever since certain members of the Republican establishment has tried to shift the blame for 2008 to Palin.

One underestimates or ignores Palin at their peril. She was instrumental in 2010 in the political tsunami that swept the Republicans back in control of the House and gained so many Senate seats. She has already helped to end a number of long-term political careers in 2012, such as Indiana Senator Dick Lugar’s, and has been an influence in a number of GOP primaries, such as Texas and Nebraska.

That Palin has occasionally been critical of Romney is no reason to snub her. Newt Gingrich and Rick Perry were fierce political foes of the candidate during the primaries and are now his most loyal allies. There is no talk of snubbing either gentleman.

If Romney were to really think outside the box, he would offer Palin a spot on the ticket. It would give his campaign a new shot of adrenalin and would certainly change the topic of conversation from Bain Capital. At the very least, she needs a prime-time convention speaking slot and a number of joint campaign events. Anything else would be political stupidity.