Month: September 2018


Research Strategies for the Genealogist: Making the Most of a Genealogical Trip to the Archives

Very few genealogists these days are lucky enough to live in the same area as all their forebears so will regularly have to travel, often for miles, to get to records offices and archives in the quest for genealogical information. So what’s the best way to make the most of that visit? There are two […]

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Bringing Afghanistan Back into the Political Conversation

Since Osama bin Laden was killed in a raid, we haven’t thought much Afghanistan and the Taliban. But the killing of several United States and NATO soldiers should bring back the national conversation about what to do in Afghanistan. As I am writing this, our college is discussing our summer reading with incoming first-year students. […]

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EDEN: The End of the Technology Age

In the days before Eden was released upon the world, most of us sat in the comfort of our homes idle, waiting to see whom the next president of the United States would be, or more importantly for some who the next America Idle would be. We enjoyed our readily available technology, relied on appliances […]

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