Life as a Technology Mom

I love using technology to celebrate the special moments in my child’s life and preserve memories for years to come. Digital cameras, laptops, the internet, blogging, texting and Myspacing have become essential tools for me as a mother. It is a convenient way and even a creative way to turn regular photos into so much more. When combined with personal stories and blogging, it becomes a revenue for parents to really celebrate parenthood and I have gladly joined that bandwagon.

Early in my pregnancy I used the ultrasound photos to place on Myspace and blogs. I used a blog to record my pregnancy memories and give a link back to family and friends who wanted to be involved. Technology gave me the tools to create an exciting electronic baby announcement on my computer. I uploaded the pics to Photobucket then copied and pasted them into emails. The announcement was free and the contact was instant. The joy of using digital cameras and the internet also means being able to send the photos to places like Walgreens to be printed for pennies. My Olympus waterproof camera also gave me the option of creating really cool underwater photos and videos as well.

The beauty about blogging is that you create it the way you really love. It’s like having the option of making an online scrapbook for free. You can upload videos, photos, or audio. Then combine it with fancy graphics and write your own story, article, or caption to capture the essence of the memory you are wanted to record.

If you’re into something much more instant, than a camera phone, such as the iPhone or Blackberry are the way to go. As soon as your child does something incredibly cute or funny, snap that pic or photo and send instantly to family or friends. Loved ones miles away can share in the joys of your little one through their own camera phone. If you prefer to IM, you can upload your child’s pic as your avatar or use the photo sharing tool during IM to share with your buddies.

With technology, there are a million ways to go if you want to utilize it as a tool to capturing your child’s childhood. We are no longer confined to 35mm cameras and a pen and paper. While a handwritten note is still a beautiful way to show your sentiments, so is the ability to create a slideshow on Youtube with personal songs.