A Mom Using Today's Technology with Her Children

Kids today. What a wide variety of technology they have to choose from. What a wide variety of technology they know. What is a Parent to do? All of these new age gadgets that are here only began to be on the scene ten or so years ago. Way after we went to school. The children of this day and age are learning how to work a mini computer when they are two. So what is a parent to do? Well, the best they can.

I have tried to learn the ipod, cell phone, texting, computer….etc. These things, once learned are really not that difficult. It is the learning, and the wanting to learn that is the problem. These types of things are all foreign to our way of learning. The old fashioned, out of the book, way. Though, once you get use to some of these things, you begin to see, they are not that bad. They are not that hard to learn.

So says I. Now, my kids, well that is another story. I think I have most of this technological stuff down. They think I am a little slow. Take texting for example. I now love to text. It is one of the biggest way of communicated with my children. I text , and they always respond. Of course they do not always respond the way I would like.

I recently text my daughter about a few things we were discussing the night before. I try to make my texting short and to the point, you know the way all the kids do. Using shortcuts for words, spelling inccorrectly. Well,sometimes, I get back a ‘what?’. Or I get back ‘Mom,re-read what you just wrote and see if you understand it!’ Well I do re-read it, and of course I do understand it. Even if I typed a ‘n’ instead of a ‘m’ or ‘o’. If you look on your phone they are on the same number pad. I really can not believe they can not decipher what I mean. I also can not believe that they never mistake a letter or two. The other day my daughter said I need a keyboard phone. That way I can text like I type. (a bit better) Well I am not getting one. They will just have to keep trying to decipher what their dear old mom writes. And I suppose, I will have to keep trying!