Month: July 2019


Want to Be a Biotechnologist? Is Biotechnology a New Science?

According to Professor Michael Borowitzka, former chairperson of AusBiotech in Australia: “Biotechnology is really applied biology by a new name. Brewing and bread making are the old biotechnologies and the modem version involves more modern techniques. These are genetic engineering, new technologies in immunology, processing biological products, and new technologies in growing micro-organism, animal and […]

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To Avoid Political Rancor, Supreme Court May Not Make Same-Sex Marriage a Right

The New York Times notes that the Supreme Court is about to hear arguments on two matters concerning same-sex marriage, dealing with the constitutionality of Proposition 8 in California and the Defense of Marriage Act. What the court decides may have as profound effect on the nature of marriage in the United States as Roe […]

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