Biking Technology: Cerevellum Plans to Release GPS Camera Unit for Bicycles

Cerevellum is planning to bring to you the reality of having a small computer network on your bicycle. The automobile industry has worked hard towards incorporating computer technology into our automobiles. This is why it was only a short matter of time until a bicycle company chose to do the same. This is where the new Cerevellum unit comes into play.

What we have here is a small unit that will mount to the front center of your bicycle. This will allow the unit to relax comfortably between your handlebars. Once you have set up the equipment properly, you will be able to have your own GPS camera unit similar to those currently incorporated in popular automobiles. Also, you will also be able to easily view the unit without losing focus of the area that you are riding on. There is also a whole bunch of other features that have been incorporated for biking enthusiasts around the world.

The first step in hooking up the Cerevellum unit is to plug in USB modules that allow you have your GPS capability. You will also find out that the equipment allows you to receive heart rate readings and learn about the amount of energy that you have expended pedaling your bike. The technology is basically similar to take you see in your local gym. Most exercise bikes come equipped with all of the above technology, minus the GPS locater. The GPS could come in incredible handy for those who like to explore. You will no longer have to worry about getting too lost, as GPS will help get you back on the right track.

Another extremely cool feature that comes with the Cerevellum unit is that it basically gives you an extra set of eyes in the back of your head. The system comes with a digital rear-view mirror. Cerevellum will then receive the feed onto its screen, with the feed being transfered from a tiny camera that you mount onto the back of your bike. You can almost be guaranteed that biking enthusiasts around the world are probably jumping up and down while reading this article. All of the fancy technology incorporated into the Cerevellum is sure to enhance any bikers overall biking experience.

The bad news about this product is that it is not yet ready to reach production stages. This is because the company is working on a couple of extra features that they can incorporate into the technology. The company understands that the pricing at the time might be a bit too high to actually sell the product on the mainstream consumer market. Currently, it will cost you $1360 for a lot of the extra technology that the bike will need to incorporate in order to have the system fully work.

Cerevellum is close to becoming a reality for all of the bikers out there. It will indeed come with the fancy laptop, speedometer/odometer module, GPS, and a full fledged camera system. Reports suggest that the company is also looking towards using wireless technology to help cut the costs in half. What ever direction the company decides to take in the next couple of months, look for the technology to hit the market sometime in the middle of 2008.