Political Analyst Compares Actor and Possible Presidential Candidate Fred Thompson to Ronald Reagan

Fred Thompson - Wikipedia

Fred Thompson - Wikipedia

A political analyst compared actor, attorney, and former United States Senator Fred Thompson to President Ronald Regan it was announced today. The former Democratic insider who made the comments said Thompson would be a formidable challenger for Democrats if he decides to run for President of the United States in 2008. For his part, while Thompson has not said he is running, he has also said he has not ruled a run for the White House out.

Thompson served Tennessee in the United States Senate from 1994-2003. He plays District Attorney Arthur Branch on the NBC series Law and Order. Before he was a Senator he had acting roles that included playing in the movies In the Line of Fire and The Hunt for Red October. In one acting role Fred Thompson did play the President of the United States.

Former United States Senator Howard Baker is among those who are encouraging Thompson to run. Thompson was once the campaign manager for Howard Baker’s campaign for the United States Senate. Baker has reportedly said that he and others believe none of the current Republican Presidential hopefuls are true conservatives, as Thompson is.

Political analyst Keith Thompson noted some of the ways Fred Thompson reminds him of Ronald Reagan. He noted his conservative voting record on issues involving the sanctity of life, international security, national defense, terrorism, and the war in Iraq. He said, “I don’t know of an issue” that Thompson has fallen short of the Reagan mantle. He also noted that Reagan also began as an actor before turning to politics, while Thompson has moved back and forth between acting and politics. He believes his current role on Law and Order would enhance his chances as a candidate.

He said Thompson is playing a role that makes him a role model for values relating to criminal justice issues, moral issues, and what is right and wrong. He said because Fred Thompson is that kind of person in real life, he would make a good presidential candidate.

Keith Thompson believes Fred Thompson would be a formidable candidate for Senator Hillary Clinton to face.

As for his popularity among conservatives if he would decide to run for President, in a poll conducted yesterday on the conservative website, www.Hannity.com, Fred Thompson took over 50% in a straw poll against Rudy Giuliani, John McCain, Milt Romney, and Newt Gingrich.

The possible future presidential candidate is currently a visiting fellow for the American Enterprise Institute, researching national security and intelligence. He is a special program host and senior analyst for ABC News Radio and fills in for Paul Harvey on his radio show.

On a Tennessee Parole Board case, possible presidential candidate Fred Thompson helped topple Tennessee Governor Ray Blanton on charges of selling pardons.

When he did not seek reelection to the Senate, he started his role on Law and Order, becoming the first sitting United States Senator to have a full-time acting job. His first scenes were filmed during an August Senate recess, so he missed no legislative time to act on television.

Thompson worked informally for President Bush in guiding the Supreme Court nomination of John Roberts through the United States Senate. If Fred Thompson does run for President, he has national security experience. He currently is working with Republicans and Democrats and serves as the chair of the International Security Board that reports to the Secretary of State on possible future threats to the United States.