Ideas for Winter Scrapbooking Layouts

The winter season is packed with holidays and experiences that should be captured and added to any scrapbook. If you’re having trouble coming up with creative ideas hopefully this article will help. The only item that’s really required is a camera. The rest is left up to you. Some items you may find lying around your home, others you may want to purchase. Either way these ideas should help jump start creativity during the winter season.

Let’s start with the first holiday of the official winter season. Christmas and Christmas Eve are both great times to capture heartfelt memories on camera. Both of these occasions can make great scrapbooking options as well. When creating a Christmas themed layout traditional colors such as green and red come to mind, but don’t be fooled. Gold, silver, light blue, and purple can all be very festive colors to include in your layouts. Miniature ornaments such as bulbs, nut crackers, and berries can be great accents to any page. Tiny Christmas gift bows can also be a great item to add. If you have family Christmas cards made every year try using those as a focal point on your layout.

Just around the corner from Christmas is the New Years holiday. New Years is all about new beginnings. This can be a great time to capture the first part of the New Year on paper. Create a page dedicated to your New Year’s Resolution. If you live in an area that has fresh fallen snow, this can be an opportunity to capture the winter season at its peak. Snowflake cutouts can be a great addition to winter pages.

February is month full of love so why shouldn’t your scrapbook pages be as well? Your layouts don’t have to be limited to romantic themed pages. You can do a page dedicated to your children, grandparents, parents, or friends. Homemade Valentine’s Day cards can be a great idea to start with. Incorporating homemade cards, and letters into your work can make any page more personal. Pink and red are great colors to use in your layouts but don’t stop there. White, yellow, purple, and gold are fantastic colors to add into your work.

Other winter scrapbooking ideas include ice skating trips, snow angels or snowmen being made, or sledding trips. Favorite winter recipes can make a great addition to any scrapbook. Be creative and don’t be afraid of trying new ideas. Most online or local scrapbooking stores have great embellishments to pick from. That’s part of the fun! Happy Scrapping!