How to Grow Your YouTube Channel

It’s no secret that YouTube is the most popular video streaming site on the Internet.

In fact, it has been estimated that as of February 2016, there were one billion people using the site every month.

The reason for this popularity is simple: anybody can upload a video and have an audience in just a few minutes.

This blog post will teach you how to grow your YouTube channel so you can build a following and be successful!

A couple of tips include posting videos regularly, creating content with high production value, and listening to feedback from your subscribers/viewers.

If you follow these steps then success could be right around the corner!

1)       Use Thumbnails That CATCH PEOPLE’S EYE!

YouTube specifically says in their policy not to use misleading thumbnails, but this still happens ALL THE TIME.

They might work once or twice, but don’t expect people to keep watching your video based on your misleading thumbnail.

If anything, I’ve noticed that it creates negative views for your videos.

2)       Use Annotations!

Annotations are great because they can direct traffic to other areas of your channel like playlists or video responses (more on this later!).

They’re also completely optional, so you can turn them off when you don’t need them.

3)    Speak the Language of Your Viewers

YouTube is a huge international website with people from many different cultures visiting and watching videos.

If you want to build an audience that will stick around for years to come, speak their language – literally.

I recommend putting subtitles in multiple languages by using Google Translate, Microsoft Translator, etc.

It’s pretty simple to do, I’ll post how-to instructions if you’re interested!

4)    Create Playlists

I’ve found playlists are great for keeping your viewers around.

They can either be themed or based on numbers (example: week of Halloween videos).

Most people use cheap SMM Services to boost up their views.

If someone watched one video they may check out different playlists that you have available.

Just remember that some people might not want to create an entire playlist, so keep annotations enabled in case they just want to watch the one video!

5)      Gather Data by Using Annotations

You can use annotations to ask questions, gather data, etc.

This is especially useful when making “Top 10” or “Top 5” style videos.

You can simply ask a simple question and link to your Facebook or Twitter (and even YouTube) so you can gather data from different sources.

6)    Join or Start a Community

Community is such an important part of growing as both a person and as a YouTuber.

Joining communities like those on Reddit, Vingle, etc help because they will post your videos for you and give you feedback that you wouldn’t normally hear!

They’re very helpful and I recommend joining one if possible!

If not, starting your own community is also another option!

7)    Communicate with Your Audience

There’s nothing better than hearing from your audience and knowing they appreciate your videos!

Make sure that you’re regularly checking for comments and responding to them.

I recommend using third-party software like CommentTribe just to make the process easier.

8)    Make Friends with Other YouTubers

YouTube is such a big community so making friends with other YouTubers isn’t hard at all!

You can include them in videos, join communities together, etc.

The most important thing is to remember to return the favor if they ever do something nice for you!

Unless of course, it would be awkward, then don’t worry about it – we all understand that we’re human 🙂